Sunday, October 4, 2009

Parks & Pink

I don't know if you've been watching any of the new Ken Burns documentary on the US National Parks or not...but if you haven't, I'd recommend you check it out.

The imagery, in HD, is something to behold; but what really is remarkable to me is the writing. The words, as spoken, provide a link to my past and tease out some powerful emotions stowed away inside of me.

Everyone has their recollection of their "family vacations" of their youth; and, whether you are like the Griswolds, or the Willett's - there will undoubtedly be some vivid memories founded in those experiences.

For me, watching Burns' film (I just got done watching an episode a few minutes ago...) put me back in time. I can remember one of our treks in a 198X chevy econoline conversion van where we hit yellowstone, teton, mesa verde, among other national parks. I'm pretty sure we were going to a bike race(s), but nonetheless, I hold those national parks experiences near and dear...

yeah, I'd have to say that most of my fondest/most vivid memories have an element of nature that are connected, or attached to those experiences. Some of them involve the national parks as mentioned above, but most of them fall outside that realm. The commonality, though, is nature...the elements...I guess there is something to be said for what nature represents (to me, anyway) in those situations. It's something that cannot be controlled. It is something that is just endured. Persevered. Survived.

Y'know, adventures suck while you are having out those adventures, eh?

One of the most epic bike rides I ever did was on a mountain bike (a fuji suncrest rigid deal I bought in 1990 for commuting to class...) - it was the dead of winter in the inland northwest. I forget the details, but I remember the feelings. The sensations. The two guys I did that ride with.

What's your most epic ride that has an element of "nature" tied to that memory?

Oh geez, now I'm just ramblin'! :-) Let's move on...


Yeah, in case you missed it, October is breast cancer awareness month. It's pretty amazing to wrap your melon around how many people are personally touched by breast cancer... My family has been touched by it. My friends have been touched by it.

In order to raise awareness, October is the month to sport your pink! If you have any concerns of "manly-ness" and pink, take heart that the NFL is going pink!

Here's my way of doing my part to raise awareness during breast cancer awareness month...y'know, this is a bike related blog and all! ;-)

That's some frilly pink, eh?! That thing is so awesome - I was able to cram a spare tube, a multi-wrench and a couple co2 cartridges into this compact bag...more importantly, though, I get lots of weird looks and it's a great conversation starter. A great way to raise awareness, IOW!

I met up with the guy who is responsible for that bag at interbike a couple weeks ago, and he kicked down this bag for my wife...but I'm sportin' this bag for the month of least! :-)

What are you doing, via "pink", to raise awareness this month?





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