Sunday, September 20, 2009

La Vuelta: Final TT

Don't know if anyone has been following the Vuelta this year, but I have. I thought those consecutive mountaintop finish stages were top notch. Great drama, and interesting to see how the big doodz approached those final climbs.

Anyway, the final TT was pretty exciting! Great fun to see the final results of the penultimate stage of the vuelta and the limited "still" photos on the interwebs.

I was stoked to see Samuel Sanchez (who has tested at the wind tunnel here in san diego with me during the winter for the past couple of years) get a great result in the final TT, and a super finish on the final GC (y'know - I think Samuel is the one person I've spent the most time in the tunnel with over the years - Orbea/Euskaltel invest pretty well in their GC riders when it comes to TT performance):

Also, from my perspective, it is really interesting to see how final TT stage winner David Millar (with whom I've tested with here in san diego) has evolved things over the years. It's wild to see how he has been influenced by various folks over the past three years - in the end, though, he proves that "faster is faster" - glad to see him finally win a stage in a grand tour.

Here's a pic of David and I when he tested with Saunier Duval a few years back:

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