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Who is BTR?

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BikeTech review was founded in 2002 by Kraig Willett. BikeTech review is the result of his passion for learning, cycling, and his keen interest in providing honest, accurate and timely information about cycling related products to the greater cycling community.

Kraig is a Washington State native currently residing in the greater San Diego area. Better known in cycling circles as "Kirk's Brother", he is a Senior Product Development Engineer in the golf industry and has previously worked as an engineer in the bicycle industry. He is the principal inventor on several US patents, and has been involved in the development and launch of over 50 consumer products in the last 13 years.

Kraig graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Materials Science and Engineering from Washington State University.  After a failed attempt to become a pro bike racer, he spent two years at Virginia Tech working as a research assistant while taking graduate level classes in Aerospace Engineering.  During this time, he logged nearly 100 hours of "wind on" time in the wind tunnel while writing a thesis involving the unsteady aerodynamics of race cars. He is a former Category 1 cyclist on the road and currently participates in master's category races in SoCal.

Over the past half dozen years, he has tested in excess of 125 athletes in the low speed wind tunnel in San Diego (, and also conducted private and public equipment related wind tunnel testing for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Engineering is his profession, but bikes and the people who ride them are his passion.

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